IR: Comps from txt ( AE Script )


This script has two main features. First of all, it helps you to generate copies of your master comp with data from a *.txt file used to update text layers. Second, it helps you to render every selected layer in the same composition by just one click.


Comps from txt script can run as a traditional script window or dockable panel in After Effects.

Please anable "Allow Scripts to Write File and Access Network".( AfterEffects menu -> Edit - > Prefences -> General )

1. To run as traditional script window: In After Effects window menu, click: File -> Scripts -> Run Script File, then choose "comps from txt.jsx".

2. To run as dockable panel: Goto the After Effects installation directory, ( AE Installation Folder ) -> Support Files -> Scripts, Create a folder call "ScriptUI Panels". Copy "comps from txt.jsx" to the "ScriptUI Panels" folder. Run AfterEffect, "comps from txt" should appear at the window menu bar -> Window.

Getting Started

- for Update Content

Before you can use the script, you have to setup one template composition to receive data from a txt file.

1. Setting up the template composition

Text layers in the template composition that receive txt file data should be name as "Title(no.)". ( For example: Title1, Title2, Title3, etc... )

2. Setting up the txt file

In the txt file, each paragraph represents one composition, and each line in the paragraph represent a text layer. For example:

When you run the script, two composition name "KID819" and "KID822" will be generated. The first line in each paragraph will become the new comp name. In comp KID819, the "Title1" text layer will be replaced with "Kung Fu Kitty, "Title2" will be replaced with "2012/12/12", "Title3" replaced with "09:30", and "Title4" replaced with "CH.80". This is the same case as KID822 comp.

3. Running the script

Run the script, then press the "Choose a *.txt file".

Select your txt file. Then at the "Select Content to Update" window, choose the data you want to generate then press "OK".

Select the template composition from the AfterEffects Project Panel, then press "Generate Update Composition!".

A new folder named "_output ("Template composition name")" should be appeared in the project panel. The compositions were generated in that folder.

- for Render Every Selected Layer

Before you run the script, you should setup a output module template.

Choose output folder, then in your active composition, select layers that you want to render.

Then click "Render Still Frames" or "Render Sequence".